The UK supplier of infrared heating panels, we keep in stock white panels made in China for fast delivery.

Infrared panel heaters will generate a comfortable temperature with a minimum of energy. Available for use on the ceiling or wall our panels can be hard wired into an electrical circuit with a simple timer or central programmer for one room or complete home or business premises.

Infrared heating is energy efficient with a low energy consumption plus once the panels have reached optimum temperature they will draw power at a lower rate to maintain warmth. Panels require no servicing or future maintenance and are designed for a long lifespan.

Infrared heating is similar to sitting in the sun and feeling the warmth of the suns rays on your back. It is a heating effect on objects and people without the need to to heat up the air in between. Once warmed all objects have the ability to give off heat, so heating the air is a secondary effect caused by the insulating properties of the air.