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MPG Systems

02 Feb 2011 03:02:44

Save money on fuel now!

Simply put, it is short for hydrogen-hydrogen-oxygen, or two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. But wait, isn't that H2O? No, we commonly refer to water as H2O—which it is—where the 3 atoms are joined together to form a water molecule. But when the water molecule is split apart into its 3 separate parts—two hydrogen and one oxygen—we have HHO, also called hydroxyl, hydroxygen, or Brown's gas, after Hungarian inventor Yull Brown, who first promoted the gas for welding. The gas is believed to have been first electrolyzed from water over 200 years ago by William Nicholson. Today, the field is expanding rapidly as many companies and individual experimenters are developing new products and coming up with new applications, spurred on by the high cost of energy and our addiction to foreign oil.

We believe this gas has a huge potential to help get us self-sufficient in energy production as a nation and also to dramatically reduce carbon emissions and global warming. But why now, petrol and diesel prices have just recently increased and are still rising. Now is the time that we need to "put the pedal down" and forge ahead to develop alternative sources of clean, sustainable energy. If we don't, we'll soon find ourselves paying several pounds a gallon at the pump—once again at the mercy of oil companies.

The good news is there is something you can do about it NOW! You don't have to wait for government, science or private industry to bring you a solution to the energy crunch – they probably won't anyway.

You can take matters into your own hands – explore, experiment, educate yourself, and make it happen! Many are already doing it. Energy independence in this country will come from the bottom up, not from the top down… it will happen one person at a time taking hold of the solutions and technologies already available.

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