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MPG Systems

Great results with hydrogen fuel systems

Dateline 1st January 2011 ………………. This is the latest update to my earlier posts.
The last 4 tanks-full of Unleaded fuel have delivered, in December 2010 … 6.22 Miles/Litre;

whilst ...
The first 3 tanks-full of Unleaded fuel, in April 2010 when I bought the car, and prior to having the Hydrogen Cells installed, delivered … 5.38 Miles/Litre
This improvement represents an increase of 15.6% over the 8 intervening months and included some of the worst driving conditions in living memory.

Put another way, the increase in miles/tank has improved by 29.3% from 283 to 366 over the past 8 months.

The driving, in December 2010, included a return journey from Gloucestershire, via Nottingham to the Scottish Borders in up to 3 feet of snow, over 13 days in local temperatures down to -13oC.

The Hydrogen Cells performed impeccably.

Over the period from April 2010 to December 2010, each petrol refill required approximately 55 Litres and cost, on average, £68.

Put another way … assuming 14,000 driven miles/year - my fuel costs were some £2601 - with the Hydrogen cells installed - compared to the some £3364 I would have spent without them installed.

So, since the Cells cost about £350 to install and my savings in fuel costs were some £763 … the costs of the Hydrogen Cells has been recovered in approximately 5 months driving.
By my calculation … that more than cancels out the Government’s efforts
with their 2.5% VAT increase !

Recent Hydrogen-Hybrid conversions, from the same stable, have ranged from a 1.2L Astra delivery van to a 4L, 8 cylinder, Jaguar saloon – and include a traditional London Black Cab. They are all continuing to deliver more than 25 - 30% improvements in MPG, and they all display minimal contaminants in their exhaust emissions.

Our Hydrogen Cell’s performance appears to improve with running.
• The Hydrogen Generators consume very little electrolyte; in fact, I have not had to top up my pair of cells since they were installed over 8 months ago – and they continued to work down to -13oC.
• Service intervals, therefore, appear to be at least 12 months or longer.
• Exhaust emissions register little more than water in MOT tests.
• In some manufacturing tests, specialised testing for NOx gases yields ‘close to zero‘ results.
• Motorway cruising requires only minimal accelerator pressure.

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