Hello, we are Mobius Living. We design and sell grand feature furniture, that's sustainable as standard.

Our furniture is well made, environmentally sustainable and each piece doesn't just look different but feels different due to the uniqueness of its materials.

We simplify and rationalise the design of all of our products. This means they are easy to recycle and minimises waste.

We believe that when you apply expert design and craftsmanship to reclaimed, recycled, recyclable or sustainably sourced materials, you get a product that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

We want to lead the way in sustainable, desirable up-cycled furniture that gives our customers' homes character without compromise and that is accessible to everyone.

Each piece of our collection has a signature all of its own and can add something unique to homes whether they be post-modern townhouses, Georgian manors or a 3 bed semi.

There is no magic bullet to moving towards a greener way of living, working and consuming. But we are trying to do our bit now, the next day and the many days after that.

We like to keep you updated on the many small ways we as an organisation try to reduce our environmental impact.

Greenwash? Well read our product descriptions, use our unique key guides and enjoy our (hopefully!) entertaining commentary and see what you think. We are committed to making our grand feature furniture sustainable as standard.