Mitsubishi Electric's Living Environmental Systems Division has long held a pioneering position in the UK’s air conditioning industry, establishing high standards of product, installation and maintenance and increasing the efficiency of the technology. The company was also the first to market in Europe with ground source heat pump air conditioning, internet control and has collaborated on a mixed mode system which combines air conditioning with a Passivent natural ventilation system.

As one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of commercial heating, cooling and ventilation equipment – the company is also leading the market in the provision of advanced air source heat pump heating systems for the home. Mitsubishi Electric developed the Ecodan® range of residential air source heat pump heating systems to cut emissions and lower energy use within the home – where over 75% of the energy is used on heating. Ecodan lowers fuel bills by 30 per cent over gas and cut emissions by half.

Now, Mitsubishi Electric has expanded its influence into the power generation business with a range of advanced photovoltaic arrays to make renewable power generation achievable in any building. The company has just finished building a new 24,000m², photovoltaic manufacturing facility and is marketing advanced PV arrays to help meet an expected tripling of global demand for solar energy in the next few years.

In the commercial sector, the company has launched a range of heating-only systems, which can help buildings achieve renewable energy targets and tackle the need to deliver sustainable, low carbon heating. The systems use advanced heat pumps to provide radiant heating, warm air, hot water, or a combination of all three. In addition to helping new buildings achieve planning permission, the range can be retro-fitted to existing buildings, and will work independently or alongside other heating systems.

Mitsubishi Electric Living Environmental Systems was also awarded Partnership Status by the European Commission’s Sustainable Energy Campaign in 1998 for its pioneering energy efficiency programme – the Green Gateway Initiative. This looks to change the way we heat and cool our buildings and points the way towards a reduction of 3 million tonnes of CO2 per year by 2016. Further details can be found at Mitsubishi Electric is also a founder member of Micropower Europe.

The development of energy efficient buildings through the supply of renewable energy from mircogeneration technologies remains a long-term goal of the company under its framework for realising a sustainable planet – Environmental Vision 2021. This stands at the core of Mitsubishi Electric's commitment to the environment, and outlines targets that the company aspires toward and that measures itself against.