Minimise Limited provide exclusive new generation energy-saving LED tubes, LED light bulbs, LED spotlights, power-nano reflectors, Lumenite failsafe lighting sleeves and other energy saving solutions.

The typical return on investment is between 1 and 2 years when replacing conventional fluorescent tubes with LED tubes (or approximately 4 months if power-nano reflectors are installed). These figures are very conservative as rising Kwh costs will significantly improve the ROI period.

The Key Benefits of the Minimise LED Lighting Solutions are as follows:

Ultra-long average lamp life up to 50,000 hrs – 11.4 year average life if used for 12 hours every day
Up to 85% Energy Savings
Up to 90% Maintenance Cost Savings – less trips up ladders in difficult access installations; greatly reduced raised access platform hire costs
Saves Carbon
Supplier under the Carbon Trust & Siemens Financial scheme – immediate lower energy bills with greatly reduced impact on cashflow
Promotes Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme – LED investment can be totally written off against profits with 100% Tax Relief
CE & RoHS compliant
meets Part L of Building Reg.s - LED Lamps produce more than 40 lumens per watt minimum requirement
Opaque Diffuser on LED tubes and Lamps for consistent light distribution and appearance similar to standard Fluorescents
Cool Running LED’s – low heat dissipation – aluminium heatsink - added value of significantly reduced Air Cooling Costs
Higher Colour Rendering consistency
Environmentally friendly – Mercury free and fully recyclable
Retrofit LED’s designed to fit seamlessly into existing lighting systems with little or no modification
Suitable to work in extreme temperatures such as Chiller Cabinets
Instant on – no Flicker – especially useful in Motion Activated Lighting schemes
Offsets impact of future Increasing Supplier Energy Costs
Added Value of Carbon Credits generated

We also manufacture the inductive motor optimisation panel (IMOP), which locally maximises the efficiencies of Inductive loads, optimises power factor correction and delivers up to 25% electricity cost savings. The IMOP is suitable for industrial, commercial and residential applications.