Market quoted companies in Canada and the USA are delivering HOD conversion solutions, and thousands of vehicles in the USA, Canada, Indonesia, China, India, Europe, Australia and Russia are, monthly, delivering tens of thousands of miles of successful HOD driving.

A year ago the Internet was full of nay-sayers and sceptics, poo-pooing the possibilities of HOD - now they seem to have accepted that they were wrong.

Hydrogen as a 'supplement' to (not a substitute for ..) gasoline/diesel has been repeatedly studied in depth and found to be a real, and a valid, extension of the chemistry and physics of internal combustion.

It appears that the Laws of Thermodynamics are NOT under threat after all.

Rumours are gathering that more than one mainstream auto manufacturer is experimenting with HOD as a production variant - and hundreds of millions of so-called 'legacy' vehicles on today's roads, worldwide, are potentially convertible to HOD as an after market option.

It is very easy to apply HOD to virtually ANY Internal Combustion Engine - static or mobile, large or small, gas or diesel.

The whole planet's population of such engines could be made to deliver nearly clean exhausts - and THEREBY CREATE HUMANITY'S LARGEST SINGLE CONTRIBUTION TO A CLEANER WORLD - TODAY!.

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