Set up in 2008 by Claire Watson, miki organic sources stylish ethical and eco friendly interior design, accessories and gifts. If you are like us then being surrounded by good design and gorgeous clothes makes you happy.

We want to be the change we want to see in the world. This means making sure that the people who make our products are also happy, and that from crop to final product the best environmental practices are used.

We sell a range of products for the home including tableware, soft furnishings and wallpaper. All of which is sustainably and ethically sourced. Our products are as natural as possible using materials such as linen, FSC certified wood and paper, ceramics, recycled glass and organic cotton. We love to use designers from the UK

Why Miki? Miki is a Japanese name meaning 'beautiful tree' which to me summed up what we were trying to achieve; a harmony between the natural and the beautiful.

Why Organic? For me it refers to the philosophy of the shop - how the business (and me as a person too) have evolved since the beginning and also the feel, style and pallet of the collection. We also sell lots of lovely certified organic things too!