LED by MIC - Eco friendly & Futuristic LED Products, Systems & Applications.

MIC Electronics Limited is a global player in the design, development and manufacturing of True color LED Video Displays for (Indoor/ outdoor/ mobile ), Solid state LED lighting systems for Indoor, Outdoor and Solar, and for all applications.

Since its inception in 1985, MIC has been exclusively operating in the area of design & development of Solid state LED Products. MIC has grown to be a Rs.270 crore , public listed company, with almost 90% of its turn over coming from LED Products.

MIC’s True color LED Video Displays, have become an integral part of Sports Stadia, Transportation Hubs, Digital Theatres, Theme Parks, Advertisement and Public Information. MIC Displays are part of Indiia’s top most projects including Gujarat Council of Science City Gandhinagar, Common Wealth Games 2010 New Delhi, The Great Indian Nautanki Company( Kingdom of Dreams) Gurgaon, to name a few. MIC is the only company with RDSO approval for its True Color Railway passenger Information display system.

MIC’s expertise in its design and development has been recognized , when its displays found place in Indian Innovators Forum and recognition of Min. Science & Tech to its in house R&D.

MIC Electronics manufactures high quality indoor, outdoor Solid state LED lighting systems for Domestic, Commercial, Industrial and Community. The product range includes Bulbs, Tube lights, Area lights, Down lights, High bay & Parking lights, Street Lights, Lanterns, Decorative Lights etc., MIC’s LED Lighting systems are highly energy efficient and are designed to work for long hours.

MIC has long before joined the fight to protect the mother Earth from global warming , through its Solar powered lighting solutions for all applications.

MIC has developed low cost, highly efficient and durable lighting systems for the rural sector as well as tribal areas without access to grid power. The products developed for this sector includes Solar Lanterns, Home lights, Street lights and Solar Gensets.

MIC recognizes its social responsibility towards the under privileged and constantly tries to fulfill its duties through Government bodies, Public & Private sector companies, NGOs and Philanthropic organizations. MIC has entered into MOU with IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) to supply Solar Lantern through its retailing outlets.

MIC specializes in designing and executing large scale lighting projects through ESCO companies in converting entire city street lights in to on/off grid Solid state LED Street Lights.

With MIC your lighting future is more Efficient, Cleaner, Brighter, Safer and Economical.

At every step it takes, MIC, pledges to preserve Earth’s natural resource and enhance the quality of lives, for us and the future generations, by offering energy efficient and durable products .