MHG is one of the leading German suppliers of high-quality heating systems at the forefront of heating technology. Now from the UK company, MHG Heating Ltd, you can obtain the finest range of products and replacement components with qualified consulting advice, short delivery times, commissioning and service support via a nationwide network of trained engineers. Application and practical training courses are also available if required.

MHG offers a unique range of premium heating technology products:

Gas units (4 to 900 kW)

The ProCon series is MHG’s flexible gas condensing boiler.

ProCon 16–77: The wall-mounted gas condensing boilers offer all the advantages you can expect from state-of-the-art gas condensing technology: in particular low fuel consumption, very low emissions, simple use and high reliability from its stainless steel heat exchanger and premix burner.

ProCon Streamline: The wall-mounted gas condensing boilers have proven themselves 100,000 times. The systems offer everything that you can expect from modern gas condensing technology: low fuel consumption as well as high reliability and durability from its innovative copper/aluminium heat exchanger.

ProCon HT 150/225: The especially energy-saving and eco-friendly gas condensing boilers are sold with outputs ranging from 15 to 150 or from 15 to 225 kW. The floor-mounted condensing boiler is designed as a two- or three-ProCon 75 based boiler system in a compact housing. When cascaded, output can be raised in stages to 900 kW.

Oil units (15 to 90 kW) Blue Flame Oil Burner 15-315Kw Gas, Yellow Flame Oil & Dual fuel Burners 15-15,000kW

MHG Premium Technology offers the EcoStar series to provide a maximum of cost effectiveness, environmental compatibility, comfort and safety. The exclusive use of premium components such as the innovative high-performance glass tube heat exchanger (condensing version) permits the optimum exploitation of energy. MHG also has a broad ranger of oil burners. The world-famous Blue Flame Rocket Burner® and the yellow flame burners of the DE and DZ series are MHG’s energy-saving and eco-friendly premium oil burners.

Thermal solar systems

The SOLARMAT FL flat-plate solar system and the SOLARMAT CPC evacuated-tube collector system guarantee top solar yields. Both systems are easy and inexpensive to install and can be easily integrated with the ProCon gas condensing range of boilers.

Heat pumps (air/water, water/water and brine/water devices; 3.9 to 53.1 kW)

The various air/water, water/water and brine/water heat pumps in the ThermiStar Premium series cover a broad range of outputs: the air/water heat pumps are available in a great many models from 5.4 to 41.5 kW, the water/water heat pumps cover the 5.4 to 53.1 kW range, while the brine/water heat pumps come in 3.9 to 39.8 kW models.

The ThermiPro hybrid heat station. (H&V News Awards Nominated Product of the year 2009)

The new ThermiPro hybrid heat stations feature buffer tanks, heat pumps and gas-condensing boilers in a compact, hi-tech device. The ThermiPro comes with a standard solar link-up to supply water and to supplement your heating system. Together, they enable installations to cover all their heating and warm water needs utilising the most suitable renewable source by virtue of its fully automatic control system

Wood pellet boilers (4 to 27 kW)

The LinoStar Premium pellets boiler is specially designed for use in homes and apartment buildings. The German-produced central heating system is available in four output models from 4 to 12, 15, 20 and 27 kW, and is at the cutting edge of technology.

System Technology

Full integration of gas/oil condensing boilers, solar, heat pumps and wood pellet units are achievable utilising our extensive range of system controls.

Service and Spares Support

Via our nationwide network of trained service engineers supported from our comprehensively stocked warehouse in Surrey we are able to offer site and spares support for all MHG’s products.