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MG Renewables Ltd

Ground source heat pumps

MG Renewables provides a full design, supply and installation service—or any part of it to suit the customer's needs— for ground source heat pumps, as well as other renewable energy projects. Contact us for a quote.

More information about how ground source heat pumps work can be read below.

How do ground source heat pumps work?
The earth absorbs and stores heat from the sun year after year, providing us with a constant source of naturally renewed energy. Just a few feet under the ground, there is a fairly constant average temperature of 4°C to 12°C. This trapped energy represents a vast reserve of low grade heat waiting to be tapped. The ground source heat pump gathers heat from the solar energy stored underground, either using collectors buried at a shallow depth, or from boreholes which are drilled deeper underground.

The heat is transferred from the ground to the heat pump using a mixture of water and an environmentally-friendly anti-freeze solution. It circulates through the closed loop, absorbing thermal energy from the earth and carrying it to the heat pump. The refrigerant circulates in the heat pump and thus the heat from the ground is retained and converted into high-grade heat to be released into your home via an underfloor heating system, water based radiators and into your hot water tank.

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