Melaphone is the UK's leading specialist in communication equipment. Our transfer windows ensure the highest in safety & hygiene. We can meet all of your requirements!
Melaphone is specifically designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. There is no thru-air flow, therefore, no transmission of germs, draughts or dust. Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also gives protection against noxious sprays.
Melaphone is designed for use in areas where hygiene and security are essential -
Clean & Dust Free Rooms
Reception Areas
Cash Desks
Booking Offices
- any position where safe communication is paramount.
In particular Melaphones are easily fitted into double glazing or through double walls. Melaphones are used in many diverse situations throughout the World, from simple kiosks in amusement parks to highly protected areas in pharmaceutical laboratories and clean room areas where germ free and dust free conditions are of the essence. We are able to assist customers with advice as to how Melaphones may be adapted to suit their individual requirements.