Investment fund focused on renewable energy and disruptive technologies. For years the utility business has been one without any change that was run by monoploies with huge regulatory influence. Now there are new options available for DG power production that will disrupt the traditional methods of power production. As Solar PV grows we will start to see transmission lines actually taken down - they just are not needed. T&D is 50% of energy bills and that is why comparing gas LCOE to PV LCOE is not an apples to apples comparison.

The founder of Meikle Capital, Brad Meikle also founded Renewable Analytics in 2008 which is a grass roots research firm focused on Solar PV. Since 2008 the firm has expanded to cover wind, storage and utilities. Storage is the holy grail that will change the energy market completely. What has to happen is power markets need to move to be capacity markets, as opposed to energy only.