Over the past few years we at Megaman® have established ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of low energy light bulbs. We are recognised worldwide as an innovative leader in exceptional lamp design. The global presence of Megaman® extends throughout the world, reaching Europe, Asia, the Pacific, the Middle east, South Africa and North America.

~1994 - Megaman® began production and became the first lamp manufacturer to launch the classic and candle-shaped compact fluorescents, which provided an ideal range of energy saving lamps for decorative use.

~2002 - Megaman® had successfully launched the World’s first CFL GU10 reflector as an energy saving alternative to halogen spots, which, in turn led to the design and development of an additional 21 innovative, energy-saving reflector lamps.

~2005 - Another industry first from Megaman® with the launch of a 4-step dimming series, Dors Dimming.

~2007 – Megaman® followed their initial dimming series with a new era of dimmerable energy saving lamps.

~2008 – Throughout the UK alone Megaman® were responsible for the sale of over 20 Million lamps and global sales of over 250 Million.

~2009 – Megaman® launch the first true replacement for halogen lamps, LED Reflector Series with TCH Technology.

Designed as a direct replacement for high-energy incandescent bulbs, Megaman®'s technology has been incorporated into a wide range of lamps that make it easy to switch from incandescent to fluorescent lighting, in line with the company's 'Changing the world one lamp at a time' vision.

Products are available in a wide range of styles with new developments emerging each year. Megaman® remains dedicated to revolutionising both the design and technology of energy-saving lamps and promoting the reduction of C02 emissions around the world.