Based in West End (London) and Limerick (Ireland), ManageCO2 provides carbon management software to clients throughout the UK and Ireland. Established in 2009 the company is relatively new but has unique software for the market.

ManageCO2 provides enterprise carbon accounting and greenhouse gas emissions management software. The focus is on ease of use and automatic data entry for complex organisations with multiple facilities.

ManageCO2 has developed award winning carbon accounting management software which helps organisations to:
- Measure and report their carbon footprint and energy usage
- Improve corporate image and environmental awareness
- Help organisations recognise and mitigate against carbon liability risk
- Help organisations forecast imminent carbon liabilities for cashflow management (CRC)
- Reduce non-headcount related operating costs
- Monitor energy consumption
- Comply with Carbon Reduction Commitment in the UK
- Enable green marketing opportunities
- Help organisations offset their carbon footprint
- Easily and quickly generate compliance reports from the ManageCO2 software (CRC, CRCEES, CCA, ISO 14064, ISO 14001, RGGI, EU-ETS).