We work with clients across five broad areas of activity: proposition and messaging, external communications, internal communications, research and market intelligence, and resource and infrastructure.

Typically, clients are looking to review and re-align their strategic positioning, sometimes at the corporate level, but often at the product or issue level. There is a need to understand a changed dynamic or a newly emerging issue that is having an impact on business or clients. We often undertake research to gain a clearer understanding of these changes.

We work with clients to identify key internal and external stakeholder groups and then design programmes to influence stakeholders and ensure the firm is correctly positioned. Externally, we favour a focused approach and implement activity around a few key engagement “interventions” that deliver maximum return on investment. Internally, we work with senior executives on managing change and delivering employee engagement that enhances cohesiveness and productivity.

We work on both a retained and project basis. Some clients want continuing support for broad aims like profile raising and developing integrated campaigns. Increasingly clients have specific project needs with a definite beginning and end.

We work to understand your real needs and implement a focused solution that delivers value.