Well, we’re not going to give away the magic! But what we can tell you is that we work with journalists around the globe to provide the creative editorial angles and combine this brilliance with a super-slick strategic approach to ensure you get the results.

So, whether you have a B2B or B2C focus, we are a talented bunch that have great media contacts within a variety of sectors.

Our international network of journalists are experts at achieving high-profile media exposure to increase brand awareness, generate sales and raise profiles for funding.

Our insider knowledge and experience won’t be found in most traditional PR agencies. Our senior level team have the expertise of placing editorial coverage in the world’s hottest publications and specialise in building strategic media and communication planning.

In addition to traditional media outreach, we know that social media is imperative for furthering the PR buzz and so we incorporate specialist strategies in to our campaigns.

So, whether you’re launching a tech start-up or raising the profile of an enterprise corporation, Luminous PR will exceed your expectations!