Low Energy Supermarket specialises in a wide range of energy saving products including LED lighting, insulation, timers, thermostats, and many more. We aim to provide high quality products at best value to ensure quick payback for your improvements

Low Energy Supermarket has been established to provide a wide range of energy efficiency products on one site in order for you to upgrade either your domestic or commercial property. In recent years the government has imposed energy performance certificates on sale or letting of property in a drive to create public awareness in energy efficiency in the hope their recommendations will be implemented to help reduce C02 emissions. Energy improvements to you property can be of benefit on sale or letting by showing a good energy rating, but more importantly, investment in energy efficiency will significantly reduce your fuel bills which will otherwise carry on increasing as fossil fuels become less available.

We aim to provide low cost but good quality products for both commercial and domestic energy improvement applications. For each product we will provide an indication of payback and typical cost savings. The shorter the payback period, the quicker your energy saving investment is recouped through energy bill reduction. Once your energy saving technology is repaid through your energy savings you can then enjoy much lower than average energy bills knowing you also have low carbon emissions protecting the environment.

Our range of ‘only energy saving products’ has now greatly improved and we have every intention of continued expansion. We are also developing new energy saving products and continue working towards driving down the cost of carbon reduction. We are strong believers that acceleration towards a low carbon economy should be implemented as quickly as possible to prevent further damage to Earth's climate. We want to make quality energy saving technologies available to all at the best prices possible whilst allowing us to develop a wider range of energy saving products for you.