Low Carbon Products offers the best in recycled and sustainable products with an ultra low carbon footprint.

They provide excellent customer service and great value for money, making the transition to sustainable, low carbon alternatives to traditional products and materials easy and cost effective.

Low Carbon Products offers a wide range of recycled plastic lumber profiles, avalible in various colours, textures and design styles in a wide array of industry standard dimensions. This lumber is also the basic building block from which much of the Low Carbon Products range are manufactured. This range includes outdoor funiture (such as picnic tables and benchs) decking, bridges, fishing platforms, planters and fencing.

Also avalible:

Bespoke recycled glass design, from kitchen tops to award winning statues,
Recycled paint
Hemp biomats
Living wall pockets (used to create vertical gardens)
A range of forestery products
Thermafleece insulation
Recycled plastic bins

The company specialises in groundwork, offering the market leading Hebden 40 recycled plastic ground reinforcment system. This water permeable paver is light, easy to install and avaliable at the lowest prices on the market. Finished with grass or gravel, the Hebden 40 creates driveways, car parks, emergency access routes, verge stabalisation etc, and being water permeable often without the need for planning permission. The product helps mitigate against flooding, whilst being more cost effective than inpermeable tarmac or asphalt surfaces. Able to bear a 16 ton point load, the Hebden 40 can easily accommodate all road-legal vehicles.

In addition to the Hebden 40, Low Carbon Products supplies the Aquadyne, a revolutionary drainage system for sports pitches, parkland and gardens, and also can be used to create vertical gardens. Aquadyne offers a unique combination of flow capacity, strength, structural stability and low weight, able to replace pipe based drainage systems at a far lower price. This makes the product perfect for incorporating into SUDS strategies, helping mitigate against flooding by preventing surface water run-off.

Low Carbon Products offers unrivaled technical expertise, and can advise on the best sustainable solution from the design stage all the way through to installation. Their experienced technical team can offer a design service, providing technical drawings acording to customer specifications.

For more information, or for a quote, contact the sales team on 0203 1740150, or email info@low-carbon-products.com