Logix UK manufacture and distribute Insulated Concrete Formwork from their head office in Poole.
ICFs are fast becoming one of the most popular alternative building methods thanks to their many advantages.

They are lightweight and easy to handle. They are quick and simple to build with and cost effective. Fast builds and less work days lost due to the weather keep projects on budget. No added insulation is required which means that by using ICFs in your build Code Level 3 or above can be achieved.

Because the hollow blocks are filled with concrete this makes Logix walls stronger than most traditional brick or block builds. The concrete along with the insulation provides excellent noise perfromance which makes Logix walls ideal for party walls.

All Logix walls are fire walls offering a minimum of 30 minutes plus any contribution from the finish. Logix walls come ready to finish. Plasterboard can be screwed into place and the exterior finish can be applied whilst work carries on inside.

ICF homes typically use 35% less energy than comparable timber frame or masonry homes.