Logic Energy was founded by industry expert and current managing director Eduardo Estelles. Having worked for nearly a decade on a number of engineering projects, Eduardo specialised in installing monitoring systems and custom alerts in order to protect valuable site assets. After over 10 years in the industry, Eduardo took his experience from his native Spain and applied it to developing online monitoring systems in the UK. With the rise of the internet, Eduardo saw an opportunity to use his extensive knowledge to create live monitoring systems that provided information for the user in real time. His primary objective was to create a reliable solution that was simple to use and easy to understand.

Working closely with some of the biggest and most innovative organisations in the renewable energy industry, Logic Energy developed LeNET and LeSENSE for the global market. These products were produced in order to solve a number of consistent problems in the field. Users all over the world were continually frustrated with inefficient systems, or solutions that were too technical or too difficult to understand quickly. Logic Energy quickly understood what the customer wanted and the result is a product that is impressive technically, built on years of research and developed specifically for the benefit of the end user.