LK Energy Solutions provide a package of practical solutions to reduce the energy consumption of your buildings. This is undertaken by looking at every
aspect, advising, and, when necessary, negotiating energy security through favourable contracts with energy suppliers; and then looking at cost effective
strategies and technologies for reducing spend on energy and the environmental impact of buildings. LK Energy Solutions provide a free in-depth energy assessment of your buildings energy use at the same time as looking at your energy supply chain

LK Energy Solutions present you with a report with recommendations, potential cost savings and what it will cost as well as how long it will take to pay for itself. You only pay fees as and when you decide to instruct us to carry out any of the recommendations that we present to you, and all of those fees are presented to you fully broken down in the energy audit report, so you know exactly what it will cost and there are no hidden extras.

We only recommend solutions with a pay back of less than 24 months