Lightwater’s mission is not just to reduce carbon output, but also to reduce the huge amount of MONEY wasted by businesses like yours every year, through not being aware of the options available to you. And if it is not being wasted, it goes straight back to the bottom line.

Lightwater Environmental Ltd offers clients free of charge energy management surveys, following which we only recommend financially viable solutions that will help in reducing your carbon footprint and save your business a lot of money in the process. We only recommend solutions that will make a significant difference to carbon reduction, energy usage and energy costs.

We have a passion for the environment but that doesn’t mean we don’t consider the bottom line. All our proposals come with less than 5 years payback, and in most cases less than 3 years.

We aim to carry out all of our energy saving solutions with as little impact on the running of your business as possible, reducing downtime to a minimum.