Light By Solar Global is a manufacturer and supplier of solar energy products.

Our services include product development and sourcing, project management and development and management.

We provide market mature solar and renewable energy products, whitelabel goods and niche solar products which we supply directly to wholesale distributors and installers worldwide.

We also develop BIPV and Concentrated Solar Energy farms to supply energy to grid and off grid locations worldwide; consult and support research, consolidation and end user consultation including compilation of reports to support and or consider feasibility, energy payback times, energy Life Cycle Assessments and feild impact assessments in all parts of the world in the area of renewable energy, particularly, solar energy.

We extend our services to support aid agencies and charities who distribute solar goods to areas where there is no light or electricity and work in regions where there is interest in sustainable and renewable energy sources which reduce carbon footprint.

We help companies who require reliable supplies of solar energy products and goods and those who wish to develop their own, construction companies who wish to develop BIPV and Concentrated Solar Energy farms to supply energy to grid and off grid locations worldwide.

Our goods are supplied to enterpreneurs, solar product distributors and solar energy installations engineering companies around the world who benefit from our low source to field costings and certified products.

We deliver to any and every country in the world.

Our range includes
Home solar kits from 500W to 20Kw
Commercial Kits 20kw to 100kw+
Small home solar kits from 5W - 500W
Solar Lighting Kits
Solar Mobile Phone Chargers
Solar Inverters
Solar Controllers
Solar Batteries - Lead Acid and Gel
Solar Washing machines
Solar Cookers/grills/barbeques
Solar fridges
Solar freezers
Solar Installation wiring
Solar racking, Fixings and Platforms, adhesives
Solar cabling
Solar luxury goods such as solar Tables and custom made goods
Solar lanterns and lamps
Solar camping kits
Solar off and on/off grid kits commercial and domestic
Solar home lighting
Solar Outdoor Lighting, Garden Lights, Security Lights
Solar street lighting
Solar traffic signal lights
Solar flood lights
Solar security lights
Solar portable energy generators
solar panels, transparent thin film , laminate strip, roof tile panels, monocrystalline, polycrystalline, thin film CIGS, SiAl, OPV, glass encased, hollow BYPV, double glazed solar glass panel, triple glaze solar glass panel, flexible and semi flexible solar panels. BIPV applications
OEM custom made solar goods including design and development
Solar farms and industrial projects
Solar water pumps
Solar Heat collectors flat plate and vacuum tube
Solar Agricultural irrigation systems
Solar air conditioners
solar water heaters
solar fans
On and Off grid wind turbines
Ground Mounted Solar Power Plants
Force Self Consumption Off Grid Solar Power
Feed to Minigrid Solar Self or Micro Consumption Solar Power
On Grid Solar Power
Solar Energy Grid/OffGrid/Microgrid Metres and Channel Components
Solar Irrigation Systems
Solar Water Purification Systems
BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)
BAPV (Building Attached Photovoltaics)
Wind Turbines
Geothermal plants
Concentrated Solar Power using reflectors CSP
Concentrated Photovoltaics CPV
Combined Photovoltaic and Biomass type plants
Geothermal Heating systems