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16 Jul 2012 09:07:14

Summer festival to celebrate unsung champion of sustainable cities

We're all pretty familiar with the concept of reduce, reuse, recycle but we probably think of it in terms of cutting down on packaging and putting our peelings on the compost. To make a sustainable future a reality, however, we’re going to have to apply those principles to every walk of life and truly embed them in our culture.

The consumer sector is undoubtedly a key area we will have to readdress. Our entire approach to shopping, dining and going out is inherently wasteful and the industry itself needs to take a serious look at its legacy. High street shops increasingly stand empty and fall into disrepair as homogenised shopping centres spread out of town and into green field sites.

Like many aspects of the green revolution, sometimes looking back gives us the answers we need. Once upon a time, shops sprung up wherever there was space or demand, plays were performed by the roadside, markets represented regional produce and dining was a shared and spontaneous experience. For many years the pop-up movement has been pioneering a return to a more local, resourceful, sustainable model of retail and entertainment and this summer a new festival will give everyone a chance to experience it.

Throughout August, The Pop Spot Festival will bring together pop-ups across London and make them accessible to a mainstream audience, giving everyone the opportunity to try it out and taking the first steps to replicating this model on a larger scale. The festival will also see the launch of a new Pop Spot app that will be an interactive guide to the festival and beyond, helping users to navigate the pop-up landscape and discover new events by date, time and location.

The pop-up movement embodies much of what the green movement is all about; reinventing what we already have and using existing resources to innovate a new way of life. Perhaps most importantly pop-ups show us that a sustainable future doesn’t have to mean sacrifice and restraint. Pop-ups are fun, inspiring, creative and positive and The Pop Spot Festival is an opportunity to celebrate everything that sustainability can be.

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