We are the manufacturer of some of the latest melamine cleaning/janitorial products of the new era, magically removes stains from practically everything. As a Major EOM  manufacturer, we use our rich experiences to create new innovative cleaning products for the retail, corporate, hospitality  and janitorial markets all around the world.
The Magic Sponge is a soft cleaning pad . It's an innovative cleaning material that gets into grooves where dirt and grime are trapped. You'll be surprised how easily Magic Sponge picks up tough dirt, separating it from surfaces. And it does all that with just water alone. It's simple and easy to use - no fumes, gloves, brushes, machines, buckets, or chemicals required.You can use it virtually all over the house to clean walls from crayon marks and clean floors from scuff marks. You can even use it outside the house on outdoor furniture, car interiors, bike chrome parts, and much, much more.The Magic Sponge with melamine  foam is truly the easiest way to clean surfaces with permanent stains or marks. Simply wet the sponge and rub lightly across the set-in dirt and grime. Watch the sponge magically erase stains and tough dirt from surfaces using only water. It is chemical free, environmentally friendly, safe and gentle to your hands and skin.