All LED lamps are manufactured by Hiteck International who are located in Shanghai, China. In 2006 International CNC entered into a joint venture cooperation with Hiteck International with the aim of manufacturing specialist high quality electrical equipment and products for supply throughout the World. The partnership brings together a Chinese firm with over 10 years experience in high quality electrical manufacture, and a UK based company with extensive experience in manufacturing, project and quality control management. With unique knowledge and expertise associated with cooperation with companies located in Asia.

In 2007, International CNC and Hiteck International added an LED lighting division to its venture called LED Teck UK. This strategic move was decided largely because of the growing global requirement for more innovative and environmentally friendly light sources. Progression in LED technology has meant that LED lamps are now a viable replacement for a wide range of lighting applications. Our primary aim is to manufacture and supply LED lighting solutions that revolutionize conventional lighting, providing efficient and environmentally friendly light sources for the future.