LED (low energy device) Lease Solutions Ltd provides independent leasing solutions for end users, suppliers, manufacturers and Energy solutions providers who work in both Private & Public Sectors.
With access to over 30 funders, we're able to package a leasing solution for ALL types of equip (incl. LED lighting, Biomass, CHP, PV, MEC's etc.) This helps to reduce or eliminate the need for Capital expense, whilst the energy cost savings pay for any lease repayments, often resulting in a positive cash flow scenario from day one. With the constant rise in energy prices, this means that th eleasing model becomes even more compelling.
There are also many other benefits associated with leasing energy saving equip. Such as reduced tax liabilities, Carbon emissions, CRCEES fees, CO2 offsetting charges, maintenance,etc.etc.)

Please do not hesitate to contact one of the team to discuss some of the many options available.