Since its establishment, KONsys Ltd. is a determinant participant of the market in the field of implementation of Energy Management Systems - including energy management software packages-, and Industrial Automation, too.
Complete Implementation of Energy and Building Supervision Systems: Data logging, improvement of energy efficiency, measurement and evaluation of quality characteristics, full-scope reports. Energy management, as a system, includes hardware (measurement instruments, protective equipment, communication devices, etc.) and software (monitoring and analyzing programs, etc.) elements.
Energy Management Software Development: In connection with energy management systems, the company has its own energy management software developed, called AVReporter. With the help of it various reports, production data and correlations can be determined, and it also helps the operation costs of establishments (electricity, gas, water, steam… utilization) to be optimized together with the quality and availability of energy resources to be improved.
Industrial Automation: Complete electrical planning, implementation and programming of newly-established individual single-purpose machines up to their commissioning. The company has a well-equipped production hall and well-educated experts for the sake of the implementation.
Manufacturing of Distribution Switchboards: The company can provide a full-scope service by manufacturing 0.4-kV distribution switchboards from planning to commissioning.

AVReporter energy management software is a tool that can be used day to day by management and engineers alike. It easily enables the handling of large quantities of data from a variety of otherwise stand alone sources. It is provided with a comprehensive set of data analysis tools and formatting options to allow the user to create just the right view and summary of their data. AVReporter is easy to use and fully supported with on-line help and video instruction.
Overall, AV Reporter is a great solution for any size installation or application that requires a flexible and easy to apply energy management reporting system.