Kingspan Renewables, a part of Kingspan Group plc, is a major player in the building products sector with emphasis on energy conservation and environmentally friendly solutions to generate hot water and home heating. Kingspan is recognised throughout the construction industry for its commitment to innovation, design, quality and technical expertise.
Kingspan Renewables is a market leader in high performance hot water storage solutions in copper and 'Duplex' stainless steel materials throughout the UK and Ireland. Leading industry brands include Range Cylinders, Albion Water Heaters, Copperform, Manco and Manchester Calorifiers. They offer open vented, unvented and thermal store solutions for Domestic Hot Water as well as stainless steel, mild steel and copper products for commercial, industrial and marine calorifiers in standard, bespoke and one-off designs.
Kingspan Renewables is also the ultimate renewable solutions provider for both domestic and commercial markets, offering complete solar thermal and air source heat pump packages, custom designed for each specific application – from initial site survey, through system design and training to supply of the total package solution.
The Packages incorporate high quality Kingspan Solar flat plate solar thermal panels or high performance Thermomax vacuum tube collectors specifically designed for use in Northern European climates, which results in optimum performance levels all year round.
New Aeromax Plus Air Source Heat Pumps from Kingspan Renewables have been specifically designed for use in UK climates. They can supply up to 100% of space heating and Domestic Hot Water all year round. Small, compact and easy to install, Aeromax Plus extract useful heat from the temperatures as low as –20ºC. Suitable for new builds and existing properties, they are available in a range of outputs to suit various applications.
To complete its renewable products range, Kingspan offers a variety of hot water storage cylinders specifically designed for heat pump and/or solar input.