Kensa Engineering is the UK's only manufacturer of a full range of Ground Source Heat Pumps for domestic and commercial properties.

The heat pump system simply captures heat energy stored in the ground and transfers this to the heat pump unit, where the temperature is raised and heat delivered into the property via the internal distribution system.

Ground source heat pumps are in demand since they deliver sustainable energy with high efficiency and low carbon emissions, so through precise application significant savings on fuel bills can be achieved.
Combined with underfloor heating, heat pumps can provide the lowest running costs.

Technical Expertise
As engineers, Kensa have designed, applied and installed heat pump systems extensively and possess a wealth of technical expertise to advise and support clients at any stage of a project.

Established for over 10 years and recently awarded the prestigious Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy, Kensa produce a fully MCS accredited range of products supported by generous grants. The extensive range comprises domestic single phase units 4kW-24kW and Smart Start that draws just 30amps on start up plus, the commercial range extends to 75kW and the modules can be linked together to achieve any output required.

All Kensa’s heat pumps are sized for 100% space heating and can also service domestic hot water requirements.

Award winning applications
Kensa know that precise application of heat pump systems is critical to achieving desired energy efficiency, low running costs, comfort and peace-of-mind.

The application engineering involves careful matching of heat pump size to the heating requirement, which is determined by examining building plans and the heat loss calculations, typically from the SAP Report.
Kensa are delighted to announce that their customers were recently presented with Overall Home of the Year Award, Best Value for Money and Best Eco House Awards by Home Building and Renovating Magazine and the Daily Telegraph in recognition of their successful eco-friendly, new build projects.

Straight-forward installation
Clients can use their preferred contractor or an approved installer from Kensa's extensive network.
Kensa partner closely with installers and have simplified installation to reduce onsite time and costs and without the need for specialist training. Installers therefore benefit from expert technical guidance, commissioning with a Kensa engineer and access to grants.