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Biomass gasification

Kedco have partnered with CPC and Zeropoint, both leading US companies, to provide biomass combined heat and power solutions. CPC and Zeropoint have developed a highly efficient biomass gasification process capable of converting biomass into renewable synthesis gas. Biomass can include any type of organic materials, including wood. Gasification can play a significant role in delivering a sustainable energy economy and is therefore one of the most technically and economically convincing energy possibilities for a carbon neutral economy.

The process of gasification converts carbonaceous materials into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reacting raw materials at high temperatures with a controlled amount of oxygen. The resulting mixture is called synthesis gas, or syngas. Syngas can be used to generate electricity and heat or transformed into a diesel-like synthetic fuel via the Fischer Tropsch process.

Power generation via gasification is eligible for ROCs.

The gasification process utilises chemical reactions that occur at high temperatures which distinguishes it from biological processes such as dry fermentation.

Gasification of fossil fuels is a widely used technique. However, any type of organic material can be used for gasification including wood and biomass. Gasification using organic materials, such as wood, neither emits nor traps greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide.

Contact us and learn how to reduce your carbon dioxide emissions now.

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