KCS Engineering is the Asia subsidiary of KOLLVIK Recycling S.l., Europe’s leading specialist in in-vessel composting and organic waste handling. With over 30 years’ experience in designing, manufacturing and operating composting plants all over Europe, Kollvik can help public and private organizations with environmental assessment plans, waste handling and recycling strategies and planning, waste collection, sorting and recycling plant design.

Our on-site in-vessel and rotating composters work in a fully automatic manner, and have capacities allowing them to treat from 50kg/day to up to 1500kg/day in a safe, fast and reliable way. Our equipment is well suited for heavy duty utilization (Waste water treatment plants, super markets and shopping malls) as well as extreme environmental conditions like those encountered in islands, arctic areas or tropical regions.

Compost obtained from our machines is certified according to EU, US and Hong Kong standards for use in agriculture, organic agriculture and landscaping.