How does 15% off the cost of a solar panel system on your home? I run "Juice From Your Roof", London's largest not-for-profit buyers' club for homeowners seeking rebates on the cost of solar panels. At over 100 freeholders, we offer a £1 million opportunity to the accredited installer whom we will appoint to our community in SW London. Our club is free to join & we will never charge you a penny. "Juice From Your Roof" offers you a cheaper way to access Feed-in Tariffs, the 25 year income you get paid - tax-free, inflation-proofed - for every unit of energy you generate at home.
You need to a) be a freeholder with full control over your roof b) have at least 10 square metres of unshaded roof facing roughly South, and c) be able to afford around £8,000 in upfront cost. For more details, contact Alban Thurston with your address, postcode & telephone number.