Jatropha Africa is a Biofuel feedstock company. Our commercial activities include, supplying Jatropha seeds for cultivation and for oil expelling, growing seedlings in our nurseries, harvesting and supplying Jatropha oil for Pure Plant Oil and for biodiesel refining companies.

We manage extensive land agreements and farmers networks. We link supply from our self managed and outgrowers farms in Ghana, to demand for Jatropha products and project management expertise. Clients include research centres ( University of Athens, University of Greenwich, University of Palermo), biodiesel manufacturers ( Japan and USA ), and companies expanding their Jatropha farm operations.

We established Jatropha Africa in 2006 and in our first year planted out 20,000 Jatropha trees. The following year we selected a fast growing, high yielding variety of Jatropha, which arose from a 6 year research and development project in Ghana. We now supply these high yielding seeds ( JA Improved ) to Jatropha farming companies.

Jatropha Africa is pleased to be the only industry member from Ghana, as a partner in the EU funded ACP R&D project on the development of biofuel supply chains.

Our co-founder and CEO, Clive Coker is a speaker at biofuel, agro-energy and economic development conferences. We have an approach to agro-energy projects which takes local communities into account, can increase food production and provide products which are in great demand.