Headquartered in Belgium with UK offices in Ledbury, Herefordshire, Jaga is a pioneer of energy saving solutions and one of the world's leading manufacturers of radiators.

Yet Jaga is not just another run of the mill radiator manufacturer. Jaga thrives on a culture of creativity, passion, daring and adventure. The company is dedicated to producing truly innovative technologies that heat better, faster, more healthily, and in a more environmentally responsive way. Whatever the heating requirement; wherever the application.

Our range of Low H2O heat exchangers fitted with the DBE (Dynamic Boost Effect) system are specifically designed for use with the low water temperatures typically produced by ground or air sourced heat pump systems.

The result is a smaller radiator that provides fast response times & increased efficiencies when compared to other traditional forms of heat emiitter. DBE equipped radiators have been found to warm up a room up to 9 times faster than a conventional steel panel radiator with a comparable output. Coupled with proven energy savings of 10%-20% the Jaga DBE fan assisted radiator is an ideal match for any heat pump system.

Jaga work alongside all leading heat pump manufacturers in order to ensure correct application & installation of our equipment.