Ivy Energy Saving Ltd’s high quality product range, of energy saving products, is consistently delivering financial and environmental benefits in both the public and private sector that are immediately evident.

Standby Buster® is frequently used to take audio-visual equipment out of standby mode; Save-It-Easy® retro-fit fluorescent lighting – is a cost effective alternative to replacing light fittings; and PowerWarden™ – is a unique hardware and software solution that reduces the night and day energy, and emissions, wastage associated with ICT networks.

Standby Buster costs £14.99 and can save on average £40 a year. A recent study by University College London states that “the use of Standby Buster may reduce a household bill by 10%”. Typically, Save-it-Easy will reduce energy costs associated with lighting by 36%-50%.

PowerWarden is currently shown to reduce the energy costs at Wimbledon Park Primary School by 17% and paid for itself within 6 months. On average, the payback period fo PowerWarden is no greater than 11 months and can be as little as one month.

A two-user trail version of PowerWarden is available for download from our website, along with a PowerWarden Network Scanner that enables you to count how many PCs are left on overnight as well as product sheets and briefing papers

The Ivy client base includes organizations such as Portsmouth Council, The Royal Surrey County Hospital, the London Fire Brigade and so on.

Finally, a range of financing options are available for our products that ensure the maximum benefit is gained from their use by changing them from a cap ex expenditure model to an op ex model.