Island Energy Innovations provides turnkey energy solutions to high cost, high impact fossil fuel generation in Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Our goal is to assist SIDS in the analysis, development, and implementation of these solutions through the following services:

• Site Performance Assessments
• Site Environmental Assessments
• Alternative Analyses and Mitigation Plans
• System Sizing and Design Layout
• Equipment Selection
• Financial Assistance

Our mission is to provide economic, public health and environmental advantages to small island states by implementing 100% renewable energy.

Island Energy Innovations, LLC (IEI) utilizes only commercially proven, utility-scale renewable energy resources and energy storage. Today, utility scale wind turbines, high performance solar PV panels, and pumped hydroelectric storage (PHS) clearly meet this standard. As new technologies emerge, IEI will evaluate them for inclusion in its portfolio.

Utility scale (2MW to 6MW), direct drive wind turbines, are a practical means of producing renewable energy for islands. Most island have excellent wind resources that can produce electricity around the clock. These turbines provide the lowest cost per kilowatt-hour renewable energy resource. Combined with one of the lowest maintenance costs, zero carbon emissions, low visual impacts and reduce property use, wind has become a top energy producer for Small Island Developed Nations.
Due to the intermittent nature of wind, it cannot be used as a base-load or dispatchable energy source. Integrating wind turbines with Pumped Hydro Storage (PHS) produces a zero-carbon, high production dispatchable renewable energy source.

High performance PV panels are now able to produce 1MW per 3 acres or less. This produces more watts per given area as well as reduces any perceived visual impacts. Solar PV is ideal for providing peak loads during the day when commercial usage is highest. IEI specializes in location of both wind and solar PV to minimize environmental impacts.
Solar PV daytime production integrates perfectly with high production wind turbines and pumped hydro storage (PHS) to produce the ultimate dispatchable renewable energy system.