International Research Networks is a leading business intelligence group, transmitting information through the medium of highly topical conferences, trainings, summits, round tables, reviews and publications. IRN can offer you the highest quality learning, benchmarking, unrivalled networking, a superb 5 star environment to make business and an excellent return on investment.

We provide delegates with sustainable competitive advantage through the provision of cutting edge information and innovative solutions. We bring together senior executives from world-class organisations for a unique blend of knowledge sharing, networking and deal-making. We offer an accurate and unbiased overview of the world markets as well as an insight into future opportunities. Our overriding advantage is our flexibility and ability to respond quickly to the requirements and needs of all our customers, ensuring that all products are highly relevant, innovative and timely. We are a leading business intelligence group; our events consist of current research, market trends, technological developments and applications. Our market-led intelligence allows our customers to make informed decisions for maximum benefit to the profitability of their organisation.

Our carefully researched conference programmes are combined with facilitated networking sessions to provide a unique blend of knowledge sharing, networking and deal-making you will hear top level experienced industry executives present case studies of their own organisation's successes and failures. These market leaders will give you a guide to achieving success within your own organisation by providing you with practical examples of how they delivered competitive advantage within their own enterprise. Our events are carefully designed to provide key strategic business information and the best networking opportunities for the participants. Our business to business conferences are highly interactive events with a limited number of delegates from specialized industry sectors.

We help attendees transfer expertise around the world to share their insight and expertise and to network with new contacts, to help propel both them and organizations forward faster and more effectively.