Intelligent Energy is a clean power systems company with globally scalable business.

With our proprietary fuel cell and hydrogen generation technology platforms, we have the building blocks to create bespoke power systems for OEMs and their global mass markets. Using its proprietary fuel cell power system, Intelligent Energy operates a clean, versatile and highly efficient means of power generation across the transportation, oil and gas, aerospace, defence, portable power and distributed generation markets.

Intelligent Energy partners with leading companies globally, to develop power systems based on its proprietary fuel cell platforms for insertion into their products. Current partners and customers include Scottish & Southern Energy, Lotus Engineering and The Suzuki Motor Corporation. Recently, the company formed a joint venture with Scottish & Southern Energy to address distributed power generation applications by developing fuel cell combined heat and power (CHP) systems for residential, commercial and light industrial markets in the UK.

Intelligent Energy’s other successes in recent years include the development of the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell motorbike and supplying the fuel cell system to Boeing which powered the world’s first manned fuel cell aircraft. The company is currently leading a consortium to deliver a fleet of zero-emissions Fuel Cell Hybrid London taxis for introduction onto London’s roads in 2012.

We are privately owned and currently employ over 250 people. Our headquarters and main operating site is in Loughborough in the UK with a further operation in Long Beach in the US. The company also has offices in London, Japan and India.