IST Ltd is a world-class lighting company, specialising in the design and manufacture of low carbon lighting systems based specifically on innovative LED lighting solutions.

The research and development team has generated more than 13 patents worldwide and has a reputation for developing high quality LED drivers, used by over 50 lighting companies worldwide. The iDrive LED driver range provides a high degree of innovation, significant energy efficiency and the world’s first variable voltage, variable current drivers.

The company has supplied and designed hundreds of LED lighting projects covering commercial, wide area, architectural, retail and entertainment lighting applications.

Our lighting portfolio includes patented white LED downlighters, the first viable CFL equivalents in the market, as well as a selection of RGB lighting solutions, providing designers with unique lighting effects.

IST’s LED driver range, which includes single channel, 3 & 4 channel, RGB and mains dimmable drivers, incorporates our patented Colour Cool™ technology, to ensure optimum efficiency of LED systems. The LED driver technology designed and produced by IST utilises Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) to provide optimum colour mixing (RGB) and full additive luminosity which, when integrated into our closed-loop temperature monitoring system, ensures optimum LED output regardless of environmental conditions. The PAM technique offers up to 100% more efficiency than other techniques, such as PWM, when LEDs are dimmed below 30% of maximum output.