ISQ is a non-profit organization providing technical services across a wide spectrum of industries in a number of countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. ISQ is an independent, private, technical and scientific industrial association founded in 1965 and that counts today with over 3,000 associates amongst large industries and SME´s. It derives more than 80% of its income by selling its services, to industries and other businesses in Europe and abroad. National and EU funding of RTD and Training projects constitutes the remaining interest.
In R&D, ISQ works to support national and foreign companies either by co-operative research or by rendering services, and has been involved in numerous national and international projects. Work in this area has enabled the development of new products, technologies and services, and has lead to new industrial patents and to technology transfer to SME´s. Its technical specialization includes the materials characterization, production technologies, surface engineering and quality assurance fields. Some of these fields, more concerned with the proposals preparation, are detailed below.