Innotech Solar is an international supplier of PV modules with the best value for money. The Scandinavian-German company is specialized in the production of very environmentally friendly modules with optimized solar cells and makes use of innovative processes developed by in-house research teams.

ITS-modules combine environmental friendliness, durability, and an outstanding price-performance-ratio.

In each step of our processes, we follow the philosophy greener than green. It is our target and incentive to reach the best CO2-footprint. According to calculations of the independent institute SmartGreenScans ITS-modules have a 70% smaller carbon footprint than common PV-modules.

Our modules are produced exclusively in Sweden and are tested thoroughly during production. Performance- and long-term tests are made by independent institutes.

The competitive module-price combined with highest yields, positive sorting in 10 Wp steps and special etched glass ensures an excellent price-performance ratio and an outstanding profitability of PV-projects.
Innotech Solar was established in 2008 as a management spin-off from REC (Renewable Energy Corporation ASA). 5 years later the company has 120 employees and has established an international presence with factories in Germany, Sweden and Hong Kong, sales offices in Munich, Shanghai and California, and headquarter in Narvik, Norway.