Infrarad Ltd. market their own range of infrared heating products for both domestic and commercial installations. The directors have a long history from within the heating and renewable energy industry, manufacturing and engineering. The company have a large distribution warehouse in Bedfordshire with an impressive stock holding and generally, next day delivery.
Discovered by Sir Frederick William Herschel, infrared heating is rapidly becoming the heating of choice across the UK.
Infrarad Ltd. specialises in providing infrared heating solutions for homeowners ( restaurant owners, hoteliers, factory owners etc.) looking for a stylish economical heating system. Infrared radiator panels cost less to install with long term savings to follow, as the running costs are lower than other methods of heating. The technology employed is long established, safe and easy to understand. The Golden Rule is to calculate the heating requirement for a room at 25watts per m3 rather than 50watts per m3 for conventional convection heating.
Infrarad products are available from a network of electrical wholesalers , heating and plumbing merchants and selected bathroom and kitchen retailers across the UK. Please contact us for details of our European distribution network.
Infrarad heating products must be fitted by a suitably qualified and competent person. For optimum efficiency all installations must be fitted with programmable, thermostatic controls .
For further details please contact