he National Institute for Research and Development in Environmental Protection – INCDPM is an independent entity for research and development, coordinated by the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

a) Performs basic and applied research, technological development, participation in development studies, summaries and forecasts for national programs and national environmental strategies, preparing technical essays necessary to promote funded projects by Environmental Fund, public interest activities, technological design in the environmental and hydro field, technical and economic normative of public and national interest concerning environmental protection, scientific coordination of national network of environmental monitoring technical guidance and training of local agencies of environmental protection, professional development on the environment;

b) Performs fundamental, applied and technological development research in ecology and marine environment, oceanography, marine and coastal engineering field as well as management of living resources from the Black Sea and other ocean areas, to respond to national and international requirements in the Black Sea exclusive economic zone, including those imposed by Romania's accession to international conventions in its field. The Institute is the technical operator of the national network of monitoring physical, chemical and biological monitoring of coastal marine waters and the coastal erosion supervision, being able to propose the Ministry of Environment regulations in its field;

c) Performs basic and applied research in order to develop the environmental management of the "Danube Delta" Biosphere Reserve and other wetlands of national and international interest for biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.