I Dig Green Ltd are Green / Low Carbon Jobsite specialists.

We launched the UK’s first Energy Efficiency (EE) Jobsite on 1 July, 2011 called EnergyEfficiencyJobs.co.uk.

- View the latest EE jobs and news in Building Efficiency, Industrial Processes, Power Generation, Transport and Policy.
- Why not reference our comprehensive Advertiser Directory to find out about the shakers in EE.

With Jobseeker and Advertiser registrations increasing daily, this new online resource is serving a gap in the market and is meeting this need. Jobs trending currently include:

* Building Services jobs * Biomass jobs * Electrician jobs
* Energy Advisor jobs * Energy Assessor jobs * Energy Consultant jobs
* Energy Manager jobs * Energy Surveyor jobs * Engineering jobs
* Facilities Management jobs * Plumbing jobs * Risk & Compliance jobs
* Renewable Energy jobs * Smart Meter jobs * Solar PV jobs * Trainee jobs

Coming soon! Comments from our guest bloggers.
Interested in becoming our guest, email me at duncan@energyefficiencyjobs.co.uk.

Reach top EE talent by advertising unlimited jobs for 42 days.
Also BIG discounts on Branding opportunities.

To learn more about our services please call me on 01789 400 001 or email me at duncan@energyefficiencyjobs.co.uk.