A Yorkshire company is helping to conserve water on Dairy Farms using Mobile Phone Technology.

Hydrocheck Limited of Sheffield has been working with the Environment Agency to develop a system for conserving water on dairy farms.

A dairy cow requires up to 120 litres of water every day, to provide around 18 Litres of milk. They not only drink a lot, about 80 litres a day, their milking parlour must be washed down and water is used to cool the milk before it is sent off in a milk tanker. With over 2 million dairy cows in the UK that’s an awful lot of water.

Hundreds of metres of blue plastic piping deliver water to milking sheds and drinking troughs in remote fields all over the farm. Leaks and bursts are common and if unnoticed can be costly, both to the farmer and the environment.
Whether the water supply is pumped from a bore hole on the farm or bought from a water company, there is a cost.
Water from a utility supplier is expensive and the price is likely to increase. Drilling a bore hole and switching to pumped water may save money, but could cause damage to local water resources if not properly monitored.

Using mobile phone technology, Hydrocheck Limited, deliver a detailed water consumption profile direct to the farmer’s PC. Whether it is from a bore hole, a river or mains water supply, every litre can be monitored. Leaks and bursts in storage tanks and pipe lines out in a field or in a building will be identified immediately and automatically turned off, if required.
Pump failure can restrict drinking water to livestock, reducing yield or worse. The Hydrocheck system will identify these problems and send a text message alert to one or more mobile phones and send e-mails to relevant PCs.

The water consumption data is collected and sent to the farm’s PC using the same technology as used in mobile phones, so there is no wiring.
This data is clearly displayed as hourly and daily bar charts, showing consumption totals, maximums and minimums in any period and highlighting base load leaks and any unusual peaks.

So, whether the farmer is ploughing a field, selling sheep at the market or having a sandwich at the local pub, if there is an emergency with the water supply or other utilities, a simple text message will protect the livestock and the farm buildings. It will also save money and care for the environment.

The same system can also keep an eye on the farm’s Electricity Supply and Oil or Gas Heating Costs. Reducing carbon footprint is good for the environment and good for profitability. Interruptions to supply can be damaging and costly.

For more details about how Hydrocheck can help your business, contact Hydrocheck Limited on 0114 2818272 e-mail enquiries@hydrocheck.co.uk or view details at www.hydrocheck.co.uk