Hughes Geothermal Ltd, recently established to provide a professional dedicated service to the GSHP industry. Utilising the expertise of the UK's leading exploration drilling service provider (Hughes Exploration & Environmental Ltd.). Hughes have been providing exploration, and associated services to the extractive industries, mines and quarries for over 30 years.

More information:

The parent company of Hughes Geothermal Ltd is an established exploration drilling company that has provided a specialised professional service for over 30 years to all the major multi-nationals in the UK, mines and quarries, extractive industries and allied consultants.

With this vast experience of operation nationwide in the UK’s very varied geology, both superficial and solid formations, the company and personnel have the expertise to overcome difficult geological situations. All key personnel come from an exploration drilling background with many years experience, operating in isolated situations where improvisation and adaptability are essential skills. Experienced in the use of most available drilling systems and flushing techniques.

Based in the Shropshire Hills with modern workshop facilities for both maintenance and engineering, Hughes Geothermal Ltd are able to provide ground loop installation service along with site investigation, provision of continuous cores with geological , hydrogeological reports and thermal response testing.