Welcome to the Birth of a New Technology

Hydrogen energy is widely considered as one of major future sources in an ever increasing demand for energy. It is ecologically friendly with '0' emissions, leaving a 'green' footprint on our environment for the benefit of future generations.

The H.O.P.E Cell is a unique and innovative environmentally friendly energy source which has the potential to attract world-wide markets. It can be used in conjunction with Combustion, Fuel Cell and Stirling engine energy conversion.

Using hydrogen as the source of energy while at the same time minimising the impact on the environment is the ultimate goal. This design is employing an improved plasma reforming technology of Hydrogen medium to produce anomalous quantities of hydrogen gas with the highest level of energy efficiency; allowing numerous applications. It also bridges the gap in technology transition from the 20th to the 21st century, from hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen technological solution, with excessive reduction of toxic emissions, while using the full potential of existing technological devices, ensuring a prosperous economy.

Employing plasma as a medium for changing the state of matter and plasmid electrical charge through thermoionic scattered emission, resulting in a bond instability, overunity breakage of covalent bond in the hydrogen medium clusters. A new perspective to hydrogen technology is opening through high energy efficiency of the process with a minimal negative impact on the environment.

A new generation of plasma energy source technology of the highest efficiency has been developed with the discovery of principles for relocating, magnifying and controlling a plasma discharge in an medium contained in a stainless steel, high temperature and high pressure resistant enclosure. Plasma dislocation, direction, magnifying and control may have applications not only in a particular system, but more widely in general plasma applications..

After several years of Research and Development and accomplishing intellectual property protection, strongly supported through market research for potential product demand, we are stepping towards further development of prototype's and marketable products. Patenting rights can now be allocated to numerous countries and regions.

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