Herschel Infrared Ltd is the UK leading commercial infrared solutions provider and has ambitious plans to be a global market leader in this fast growing segment of the heating market. We have the widest range of far infrared heaters in the world and the widest range of knowledge of applications. Our heaters are used in every application from domestic through to commercial, industrial and outdoors. With commercial clients including Eurostar at St. Pancras, Benugo and the UK’s largest industrial Infrared installation, we are recognised as the UK’s leading authority in Far Infrared commercial solutions. Far infrared is highly energy efficient and the heaters come in a wide range of attractive designs. We are the only Far Infrared supplier to provide and insist on training and accreditation of our dealers and installers through our on-line training portal. With distributors and participating dealerships throughout the UK, we can supply and install wherever you are in the UK.
Far Infrared Heating is an approved technology for use under The Green Deal. These amazing “low watt density” radiant heater panels warm all objects and surfaces in a room: not the air. This distinguishes radiant heating from convection heating and is key to its energy-saving abilities. When coupled with appropriate control systems even further efficiencies can be made. Be sure to contact us for more information. We would be happy to talk to you.